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Pastor Randy Carlisle

Misty, Emily, Joshua and Abby

My name is Randy Carlisle, I am 40 years old. My wife, Misty, and I have been married for 21 years and we have three children- Emily-19, Joshua-17, and Abby-15. My wife and children are my biggest supporters and I am thankful for them. I was saved on September 9, 2001 at Wilson Avenue Baptist Church in Saraland, Alabama. I grew up in church and assumed that I was a saved person, headed for Heaven, but on the night of September 9th, my Sunday School teacher played a lesson on hell. About 10 minutes into that lesson I realized that I had been living a lie before my wife, family and friends. As soon as the lesson was over I realized I needed to take care of business, so I went and repented and asked Jesus in my life. Things have been different every since; Jesus has been in the middle of my marriage and my ministry, I could not have asked for anything better in life. Praise the Lord that I was able to overcome fake feelings of false assurance and pride to come before the throne of grace and ask the Lord into my heart and life. I make a conscience effort to make the Scripture the cornerstone of my life by doing as Psalms 119:11 instructs and hide the Word of God in my heart and then cast all my cares on Jesus as 1 Peter 5:7 tells us. I feel that I can maintain a healthy relationship with God, my family, my church, and my friends by maintaining those basic Biblical truths.

Prior to becoming pastor at First Baptist Church in Tipton, Indiana, I worked in full time ministry as an assistant/youth pastor for 10 years and lay youth pastor for four years. Prior to my call to ministry I served in the United States Air Force as a fireman with one tour overseas. Upon separation from the USAF I served as a fireman for eight years. While I served as a fireman I obtained my degree in ministry and was ordained by Victory Baptist Church in Millbrook, Alabama.

I have thoroughly loved working with people and I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be an influence on people’s lives whether they need the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ or if they need strengthening in their walk with the Lord. I have a simple philosophy to ministry, “Understand the Foundation of our life in Jesus Christ”. My burden has been that too many people are not ready to face a world that will challenge their faith. Knowing this, I want to help people become prepared for this challenge, and I feel I should not let the Lord down in this most important of life’s need. I have challenged people to have a Titus 3:14 walk with God “And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful.”

I believe that as Christians understand the importance of this in their lives they will begin to understand the importance of obedience to serve the Lord. The biggest help in ministry, outside of Jesus Christ and family, are those faithful Christians who love the Lord. Those people are the life of the church and it is my responsibility to keep those “sold out” Christians “sold out” for their service to the Lord. As Christians are active in church ministry we will have a direct effect on other members. An active Christian can show the excitement and role that the inactive saved people should play in local church ministry.


  • July 10 Missionary Troy Lewis speaking

  • July 21 Missionary Jeff Brown

  • July 20 Special Teen event for NBT kickoff

  • July 21-26 NBT for ages 4-12th grade

  • July 31 David Warren family singing and



Youth Pastor Mason Higgins


My name is Mason Higgins, my wife Sarah and I have had the privilege of serving here since July 2018. I grew up on a ranch in Montana where my family was deeply rooted in Mormonism. My father passed away when I was 12 years old and God used this time to bring a lot of change in my life. It surely did not make sense at the time but God used it all to reach me. I got saved May 13, 2012 when I realized salvation wasn’t in a church, it wasn’t in my works, it wasn’t in my legacy, but it was in the finished work of the cross.

My family soon got involved in a good Baptist church. Upon high school graduation, God called me to West Coast Baptist College for the One-year Bible program. I learned a lot about ministry in that year but I didn’t know that ministry is where God would have me. Through godly counsel I was challenged to go back to West Coast until God gave me direction for my next step. In the meantime a great business opportunity opened up and I began to think it was the door God opened for me. To keep my commitment I returned to West Coast for at least one more semester. I came to realize that I hadn’t asked God if the business was His plan for my life. I asked that He would make it clear if it is or not. Over the next several days God made it very clear to me He didn’t want me in that business but that He wanted me in ministry.

During the summer of 2017 I had the privilege of traveling with Neighborhood Bible Time as a teen evangelist. As I preached nearly each day for 7 weeks to teens I developed a burden for teen ministry. My last two weeks traveling I was at Wilson Avenue Baptist Church where I met Pastor Randy. After that summer I thought in my mind that it would be neat to work in ministry with Pastor Randy, but there appeared to be no opportunity. Several months later he called me and told me he took a church in Tipton, Indiana and they are in need of a youth pastor and he asked that I would consider it. It didn’t take much praying on my part to realize this is what God had for me.

My wife was raised in Indiana and was on family vacation to Montana when we met. We immediately developed a relationship and kept it going long distance for several years. She joined me at college for a year where we were able to get to know each other more. After getting home from Neighborhood Bible Time I asked her to marry me, and we got married July 7, 2018. It’s been a joy to begin our marriage at First Baptist Church with Pastor and his family and these great teens to serve.

My goal is to see these young people become God-dependent rather than self-dependent, or parent-dependent, or world-dependent. I want them to understand that the Word of God contains all the answers for life and godliness. I strive to show them the blessing of seeking those things which are above rather than the temporal. I’m blessed to see what God is doing at First Baptist Church.

Our Ministries

Sunday: Sunday School, Morning worship, Nursery, Children’s Church program, Choir, Youth Group, Nursing Home Services AM & PM, Fifth Sunday sings/Youth Sundays alternate each fifth Sunday.

Wednesday: Master Club Children’s program (during school year), Fisher’s of Men Children’s program (during summer months)

Thursday: Good News Club in local public schools (during school year), Autumnwood (every other week)

Saturday: Outreach visitation program


The purpose of our teen ministry is to partner with parents in training up a child in the way they should go. We strive to teach and preach the Bible in Sunday School and Wednesday Youth Group when we meet together. We allow ways for teens to develop spiritually, mentally, socially, and sometimes physically through the many activities we have. During the school year we travel to the Central Indiana Youth Rally’s. Teens around the Indianapolis area join together for activities and preaching the first Friday of each month ( During the summer we go to a week of camp and have a week of Neighborhood Bible Time. Check out Facebook for other events and activities (   

Bus Transportation:

The church bus runs on a regular schedule on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Anyone is welcome to come. Our route stays within the Tipton city limit and begins approximately 45 minutes before the scheduled service time. Send us a note below or call the church office if you’d like our church bus to stop by your home.

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